Kein Bake Erdnussbutter Cup Pie – #Bake #Cup #Erdnussbutter #kein #Pie

Kein Bake Erdnussbutter Cup Pie – #Bake #Cup #Erdnussbutter #kein #Pie

“You go to the kitchen with enthusiasm. Each time you say, “”This time I will cook / dessert at home.”” But the recipes scare you, it feels like you’re reading something in a foreign language. You say “”I can’t fuck now, let’s not forget”” and give up. No, you are not clumsy. Don’t be afraid at all. It is quite possible to make a wonderful cake from that oven.

If you have never made a dessert, it is a great way to start with a cake. If you have a few basic ingredients, an oven and a baking dish, know the cake ready for tea! Just pay attention to these tricks. For example, use all the ingredients at room temperature, make it a habit to preheat the oven. There are a few other important things like these.

You are one step closer to being a cake master. Let them go ahead.

Start with recipes made with basic ingredients
You do not know how to make a cake yet, so nobody expects you to make cakes, legendary cakes. Don’t wait for yourself, either. The best thing to do at this stage is to choose recipes that will not intimidate you, ingredients that can be found everywhere, or made up of ingredients that are always in your home. In the first stage, start by making these cakes:

Plain cake recipe ,

Orange chocolate cake recipe ,

Drop chocolate cake recipe ,

Lemon cake recipe .

Read all the ingredients, steps and cooking times of the recipe you selected step by step. Even while making the cake, the recipe should be kept in a place where you can see it so that you can control the steps. We do not want to try a recipe whose dimensions are not written correctly and end it with frustration.

Get to know the sine qua non of the cake
Let’s start by getting to know the most basic ingredients of a classic cake, or even most of the recipes you will examine.

The indispensable ingredients of a cake; essential liquid such as eggs, granulated sugar, milk, oil, baking powder and, of course, flour. If these ingredients are at hand, there are no cakes that you cannot make, dear friends.

Fresh fruits, dried fruits, vanilla, butter or other spices remain for a while. Of course, it is also possible to prepare cakes without sugar and without sugar. But make cakes prepared with basic ingredients, then you will move on to the others.

The most important element that makes a cake soft and fluffy is sugar and egg. As a result of whipping egg white and sugar, egg yolk and sugar separately and well, your cake will naturally rise. So always have these two basic materials with you.

It is not possible to give sweetness without sugar, and to try to activate the substances without a liquid such as oil or milk. Even without flour, you cannot recover the consistency of the cake even if you want it in the first stages.

Pay attention to the temperature of these materials
Until this time, you have come across this phrase in many recipes: “”Rest the butter at room temperature””.

Having not only butter but also eggs at room temperature will help you to make wonderful cakes. Be in a corner of your mind, take care not to make a cake with cold eggs that you take out of the closet. Take out all the ingredients at least 15 minutes before making a cake. Let them come to room temperature. Having all the ingredients at room temperature will affect your cake to be baked correctly and have a fluffy consistency.

If you enter the way of baking cakes on purpose, you can make perfect cakes. To tell us. 🙂

Use all the ingredients in the recipe with proportions
Prepare all the ingredients in the recipe in the correct proportions and place each one on the counter individually. Pay close attention to the proportions. If possible, get a kitchen scale, even if it’s small.

In a classic cake recipe, sizes are given with an average of 200-240 ml water glasses. These glasses of water are always present in our house. Food spoons are the food spoons we know. Measurement transformations also take place as follows:

1 cup flour = 140 grams, 1 cup granulated sugar = 200 grams, 1 cup granulated sugar = 110 grams, 1 cup liquid = 240 milliliters (ml) (liquids such as milk, water, oil), 1 tablespoon flour = 9 grams

Knowing these dimensions in grams and milliliters will be very useful in the kitchen.

Do not forget to preheat the oven
Before you start making the cake, bring your oven to the baking degree of a classic cake, that is, 180 degrees. Start heating. Do not put your cake in a cold oven. Cakes baked in a hot oven turn into bulky, well-textured, well-baked cakes.

It is important to beat the sugar and egg well
The first step of a beautiful cake begins by breaking the eggs into the bowl and adding sugar to it. At this stage, it is very important to whisk the ingredients properly until the sugar melts. We do not say beat it for minutes or beat it for a couple of minutes. Beat until you are sure that the sugar is completely melted. Continue this process until you see that the sugar has disappeared in the sugar and is integrated with the egg. It will take about a few min

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