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Apfelkuchen Rezept – einfach, lecker und schnell. Mit nur 4 Zutaten entsteht dieser Apfelkuchen ohne Ei: Ihr benötigt Mehl, Quark, Butter und Äpfel. Ihr bekommt einen leckeren Kuchen ohne Zucker, der beim nachmittags Kaffee und Kuchen, Brunch, Grillfest, Sommerfest oder auch zu Weihnachten sehr gerne gesehen wird. Apfelkuchen hat das ganze Jahr lang Saison. #apfelkuchen ##zuckerfrei

I whipped I whipped I mixed I Made You Cake:
Cake Baking Methods
The indispensable pastry, cakes, which take place in almost all cultures, combine different tastes, creating a festive atmosphere on the palates. The preparation of this delicious food that decorates tea times with its different options ranging from cocoa to coconut is as enjoyable as eating. It is possible to produce very delicious products with the tricks of making a good cake .

Baking cakes is a mix of culinary art and science. It is a very demanding job. In order to make a cake with a soft crust like cotton inside and a crispy crust outside, it is the first condition not to overlook the small details.

These details include whisk duration and shape, temperatures and types of materials used. However, since there are many different types of pastries developed in pastry, the consistency of the cake also varies. Another of the primary rules of baking cakes is to beat the dough to the right consistency. The denser and the right proportion of air bubbles in it, the more beautiful and silky texture the product will have.

Of course, this does not mean that the cake should be whipped too much. At this point it is important to turn to instincts. In order for the cake to have the right texture, the whisk time should be both short enough not to cause the cake to collapse and long enough to fluff beautifully.

Tips for Making a Fluffy Cake
If you want to make a throne in the hearts with a nice pastry that you will make to your guests, family or colleagues, the tricks of making fluffy cakes are important for you. What you need to do after you enter the kitchen and roll up the sleeves is quite simple, but also critical.

In order to make a cake, the ingredients must first be added in the correct order. If the order of the ingredients changes, the consistency of the cake will not hold.
It is also important for the cake used to make the cake at a temperature close to each other. If eggs are used at room temperature, the milk and oil kept at the same temperature will help the cake to become the shape it should be in a much shorter time.
In addition, adding slowly and little added ingredients will help preserve the air inside the cake, so it is important to make a well-swelled cake.
While the liquid ingredients added in the first place should be whipped at high speed, after adding dry ingredients such as baking powder and flour, the cake dough should be mixed more slowly and meticulously. Especially after adding flour, using a wooden spoon instead of a mixer or whisk will be a very good choice. The cake, which is mixed with large movements, begins to rise shortly after it enters the oven.
It is also important that the cake should be sifted in a cool way while putting the flour .
When the dough is mixed and molded in a short time, the probability of the air of the cake is minimized. So your cake will be soft like cotton.
Another factor not to be forgotten is the oven heat . It is always the most successful result to heat the oven before you start making cakes. The preheated oven phrase is vital for the cake. Tricks for different cake varieties also vary.

Tips for Making Sponge Cake
The tricks of making sponge cake are whisking egg white thoroughly and sifting flour and adding it in several times. Mixing egg whites in a separate container such as snow and yellows in another container until they get a creamy consistency and adding these two mixtures with great care is the key to the perfect sponge cake.
Since the cake should be baked at the right temperature so that it does not go out, it is also very important to adjust the temperature in making sponge cake. High temperatures cause the cake to collapse instantly, while insufficient heat causes its texture to completely deteriorate. After all these are taken into consideration, if the tricks of making beautiful cakes are known, it is possible to make perfect sponge cake.

Tips for Making Soft Cakes
In order to make a soft cake that dissolves in the mouth, the ratio of the ingredients should be determined well . The materials that make the cake soft or dry are of course wet materials such as milk and fat. The tricks of making soft cakes are to use the right amount of oil and set the cooking time correctly. A low-fat cake becomes drier and harder than usual. However, the cake, which has gained adipose tissue, disperses in the mouth and leaves a soft feeling.
In addition, putting the cake without heating the oven also opens the cake to dry.
Another factor that is among the tricks of making delicious cakes is the operation of the oven without a fan . Since the air flow inside decreases, the cake, which operates without a fan, remains more moist and thus has a softer texture.
As well as the amount of oil, not to miss the amount of flour is among the tricks of making soft cakes. It is also important to find the perfect ratio between wet and dry materials.

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